(Solved) Yanhua Mini ACDP unsupported in all models DME 1724/1725/172p

I have Yanhua Mini ACDP with Module 2, 3,7,11 authorized, only need to solve the module read and write the code ISN DME. It’s open but it doesn’t do the job. Says unsupported in all models DME 1724/1725/172p


Look here for screenshots:

yanhua-mini-acdp-unsupported -in-all-models-DME-1724-1725-172p-01 yanhua-mini-acdp-unsupported -in-all-models-DME-1724-1725-172p-02


Finally Solved by the engineer:

How? here is solution:

  1. Browse ACDP official site: http://www.acdpmaster.com/.


  1. Click on “Resource Download“.


  1. Choose and download “Click the icon to download ACDP PC software (with resource bundle), shown as below.



  1. Put the above file into this path:

” Nanning Yanhua\PC-ACDP\WebResource\aliyun\CCDP_Web\en\DevFiles\Mini-ACDP”.




That’s all.