(Solved) Online SCN coding not work with Xentry 03/2018

Have Xentry 03/2018 and my DAS does not ask for login when trying to access online coding, it gives me the following:


It asks for discs after selecting online. The computer has internet access and it works. I have not tried coding on newer car with xentry.
IF I try doing SCN coding, it does the same with this message:


Finally Solved!

SCN coding works, because I have 12-2018 version Das Xentry.



Newest 03-2019 version Das Xentry (SSD version or HDD version)


Where to have Online SCN coding account?

  1. MB Online SCN Coding / Online programming 1 Year Account


$2,299 (benz dealer account for one year)


  1. Cheapest one:


One-time service, no Benz dealer ID and password, but remote assistance.

  1. ) After ordering this service, prepare mb sd c4, car, laptop and teamviewer.

2.) Send Teamviewer ID and Password to customer service

  1. ) The engineer will access to your laptop to authorize SCN coding function.
  2. ) After finish, the system will display “The SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully”.