How to Program BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost by CGDI BMW

This article I want to show you how to program new keys for BMW CAS4+ all key lost by CGDI BMW Programmer.Hope it helps!


Devices You Need?

CGDI BMW Programmer

CGDI Pro 9S12

CG-100 Prog



Step 1:Read CAS4+ Immobilizer Data

Remove CAS4+ module from vehicle

Disassemble cover and take out PCB

Run CG Pro software,and follow the software wire connection diagram to build connection between CG Pro 9S12 and CAS4+ module


Operate CG Pro software to read out and decrypt immo data,then save the data on your laptop

Note:Don’t forget to make backup before operation.


Step 2:CG-100 read ECU data

Run CG-100 software,and select “ECU”

Select “BMW E series”à” MEVD1724(N20)”

Then follow the software wire diagram to connect CG-100 to MEVD1724(N20) ECU

Click “Read EEPROM”

After reading ECU data successfully,save the ECU data file on your laptop.

CG-100 will show ISN and VIN

Note:CG-100 full version support this function.



Step 3:CGDI BMW Program Keys

Connect CGDI BMW to laptop and run CGDI BMW software and select “CAS4 Key Match”

Select “Load CAS Data”

Note select the immo data you save on step 1 to load

Then CGDI BMW software will show relevant information

Select the key position that need to be configured,then click “Generate dealer key”,and the select the way to input “ISN” code,here select “With the engine data,the next step is to load the engine data”

Now load the ISN file you saved in step 2

Input a blank key into CGDI BMW slot,and click “OK” to start programming

After programming successfully,it will prompt you new key programming successfully.

To end by test this new key on your BMW.