CGDI BMW Pro Program CAS3 MSV80 ECU After Replacement

This article show a guide on how to use CGDI BMW Pro to program CAS3 MSV80 ECU after replacement.

MSV80 Engine Control Module Style


Run the CGDI BMW software and click on the BMW ISN

Follow the MSV80 Wiring diagram to connect

Click to read DME ISN

Make sure the battery has enough power and not disconnected

Note:Reading DME ISN requires programming DME.Please ensure that car battery has enough power,the programming process,please keep equipment cable connection.


It will take about 5 minutes ,please be patient.

Read DME ISN successfully

Read the CAS ISN

CAS ISN read successfully

Copy the DME ISN to the position of CAS ISN and write it.

Please insert the key and confirm the ignition switch is turned on

Written CAS ISN successfully