How to use obdstar BMT08 do battery test on Honda GM Ford etc?

OBDSTAR BMT08 is tested able to test battery via OBD on many car brands i.e Honda GM Ford etc. also perform battery match via OBD on a wide range of models.

 obdstar--BMT-08 obdstar--bmt-08-option obdstar-bmt-08-battery-match-battery-test



obdstar BMT08 on Cadillac GM3 battery test via OBD in 2 minutes:


obdstar BMT08 on Honda battery test via OBD in 2 minutes: 


obdstar BMT08 on Ford Focus battery test via OBD in 2 minutes:


More test results and video will be updated here, welcome you back to read.


obdstar BMT08 tech support is offered by 

For example: obdstar BMT08 user manual


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