Mini ACDP and CGDI BMW: which better for BMW key making?

Here is the chart to help you have an idea of BMW key programming with Yanhua Mini ACDP and CGDI BMW. You will get the difference of ACDP BMW and CGDI BMW and make a good purchase at a decent price.


Features/Tools Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW CGDI BMW
Image  Yanhua-mini-acdp-bmw  cgdi-prog-bmw
Highlight No need to remove chip!

No need soldering!

No need to cut the line!

No need to lift the pin!

OBD key program!

Run faster!

Test a lot = Safety!

Workable interface Mobile with Android or iOS PC or Laptop
Connection Wifi connection to a mobile Wired connection to a PC
Update Free and online update by scanning the QR code


Free and online update in


Tokens No need tokens No need tokens

Note: It’s necessary to buy
Tokens if it’s CGDI-MB.

Method OBD OBD
Key programming CAS1: Yes

CAS2: Yes

CAS3: Yes

CAS3+: Yes

CAS4: Yes

CAS4+: Yes


CAS1: Yes

CAS2: Yes

CAS3: Yes

CAS3+: Yes

CAS4: Yes

CAS4+: Yes


Odometer correction Yes Yes
F series coding Yes Yes
EGS ISN reading Yes Yes
Activation/Adapter ACDP needs adapters to work with.

You should buy different adapters for various modules:

CAS1-4+ immo;

FEM/BDC immo & dashboard;

FRM footwell module (0L15Y 3M25J);

35080, 35160DO WT Eeprom.

And you should have another adapter to read ISN;

adapter to read DME ISN (when all keys are lost);

adapter to renew key.


Btw, you can get a Mini ACDP FULL kit.

CGDI doesn’t need adapter to work with.

But you need another programmer to read modules, need a cable to read DME ISN from MSV and MSD

And you should get authorization for some functions:

BWM FEM/BDC Authorization



In short,

If you are not equipped with soldering knowledge & rich experience and don’t have another tool to read modules, Yanhua ACDP can be a good helper.

For personal use, you’re advised to have a Mini ACDP main unit and the adapter for your BMW.

For auto repair, have a Yanhua Mini ACDP FULL kit = have all for BMW key making and module programming.


If you are looking for a reliable tool for safety and speed, CGDI BMW Prog is the best solution.