How to use Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro Key Cutting Machine

Xhorse Condor XC-002 Pro Manually Key Cutting Machine Tutorials including connect power supply, install probe and cutter,the cutter power switch and the speed control knob and more.

In detail…

  • Connect power supply

Connect the power cord in the device package to Condor XC-002 Pro, and turn on the power switch.

The LED light in the front will turn on, and the speed display will also light up.

  • Install probe and cutter

It’s easy to install them on XC-002 Pro key cutting machine. There is no need to use an Allen Wrench to install probe and cutter anymore.

What we need to do is simply pull the lock switch to make sure it’s unlocked.

Insert the probe all the way up and pull to lock the switch.

The installation of the cutter is the same.

Loosen the lock switch, insert and hold the cutter, and lock the switch.

The innovative method not only makes the installation more convenient, but also makes sure the automatic centering and clamping of the cutter and probe, avoiding center deviation caused by traditional method, and greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of cutting.

  • The cutter power switch and the speed control knob

When we press down the main hand, you can see the cutter actually is not spinning. What we need to do is turn on the cutter power switch at the right side. After that, press down the hand, and you can see the cutter is spinning immediately.

We rotate the handle clockwise to lock it, and rotate this knob to adjust the speed of the cutter.

XC-002 Pro now offers seven speeds to facilitate your work.

  • Mode switch knob

Look at the red knob on the top. This is the mode switch knob, which allows you to switch between dimple mode and standard mode.

We rotate the knob to switch to the dimple mode, and the probe can move up and down to detect the depth of holes on the key. The mode is mainly used to duplicate dimple keys.

When the knob directs at standard mode, the probe cannot move up and down.

We can cut double sided, single sided, 4 track external, 2 track external, 4 track internal, and Channel track.

  • New Clamp

Slide in the clamp, and make sure the mark at the bottom of the machine points to the little triangle of C, B or A on the clamp.

You can adjust the position to your needs. Then tighten the knob.

Condor XC002 Pro features 3 grooves for key clamping.

The left one can be used to clamp edge cut keys.

The guiding block is used to assist us to clamp edge cut keys.

Insert the guiding block, and insert an edge cut key, and make sure it is aligned using a shim.

Tighten the clamp knob, and then we can hold the main handle and press down to start cutting

The silver handle beside the sub-handle in our left can be used to assist key cutting.

The middle groove can be used to cut internal cut keys.

Insert the key, and then tighten the clamp knob. Loosen the black locking knobs behind the clamp, rotate the clamp to 45 and lock it.

We usually use the right groove to hold thin house keys like this one.

Loosen the black locking knobs, and return the clamp to its normal flat state.

Additionally, each of the three grooves has it recommended clamp mounting location.

When you use the left groove, it is recommended to fix the clamp at point C. The middle groove corresponds to point B. The right groove corresponds to Point A.

  • How to move the cutting platform

When these two limitation knobs are fully released, the cutting platform can be moved freely. And if we only tighten the right knob, the cutting platform can only move along Y-axis. However, when moving along X-axis, the platform will always go back to its original position after you release the handle.

If both knobs are tightened, the cutting platform can only move along Y-axis and the X-axis movement is completed locked. This can help us when cutting some keys that require linear cutting.

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