How to Transfer Module License from Yanhua Mini ACDP-1 to ACDP-2?

2023 Yanhua ACDP-2 and related modules are available at Many customers who have ACDP-1 want to know if it’s possible to transfer the installed modules from ACDP 1 to a new ACDP 2 unit. Yanhua Tech offers the transfer plan now, and it will be realized next week.

The license transfer policy is only for customers who want to use Mini ACDP-2. If you don’t want to change to ACDP-2, the ACDP-1 is still working as before, no need to do anything.

Customers who want to use ACDP-2 will have two choices:

  • Plan A: License Transfers

Transfer all ACDP-1 License to ACDP-2 and delete ACDP-1 (ACDP1 cannot be used any more).

You will need

ACDP-2 basic module $380

and License transfer fee $69

Total $449

  • Plan B: Shared License

Share all ACDP-1 License with ACDP-2

After license sharing, both ACDP-1 and ACDP-2 can use the shared License at the same time.

That means you will have ACDP-1 and ACDP-2 two devices.

(Notice: If you buy a new Module after Sharing license, this new module license only can be used on one device)

You will need

ACDP-2 Basic module $380

License transfer fee will be 35% of the total amount of shared module Official price. You can send your ACDP-1 SN to for check.

Something important to know:

Currently, ACDP 2 can use most ACDP 1 Modules except Module 15, Module 18, Module 19, Module 25, Module 30, and Module 8.

  • Yanhua tech is modifying the module 15 App, so it will be soon compatible with ACDP2. Don’t need to purchase a new module 15.
  • There is a little difference between 1st generation and 2nd generation of ACDP Module 18, 19, 25, and 30.

You can buy the corresponding ACDP-2 Module.

Or just make a little modification on the adapter of old modules. No need to buy new modules.

Cut off the protruding plastic part on the old interface board (shown as figures below):

  • The prices of 1stand 2nd generation of ACDP Module 8 are different.

Yanhua ACDP-1 Module 8 costs $35.99, and ACDP-2 Module 8 costs $99.

If you purchased the 1st generation module, and want to update to the 2nd, it will prompt no license. You need to pay an extra more than $60 to buy the license A51F (Auth ID) BMW FRM Footwell Module.


What is the difference between Mini ACDP-1 and ACDP-2?

Yanhua Mini ACDP-2 is the 2nd Generation ACDP Programmer. It’s more convenient to connect. Mini ACDP 1 only supports wireless connection, but ACDP-2 supports both wireless and USB connection, and can connect ACDP host via Android, iOS, and PC devices via USB cable without Bluetooth adapter. Besides, it can be bound with three methods.

ACDP-2 Basic Module features:

It supports 93/24/25/35/95 series EEPROM in circuit programming (ICP) and on adapter board programming (OBP).This module is a necessary basic configuration for other modules.

Extended functions:

By expanding more adapters to achieve various functions such as ECU programming key programming/matching, ECU refresh.

The current adapters include:

BMW CAS, BMW FEM/BDC, BMW DME, Meter/Instrument, BMW Key refresh, BMW FRM(Footwell), BMW EGS(Gearbox), Fujitsu CPU, VW MQB, Jaguar Land/Rover KVM, Porsche BCM, Volvo, etc.

Current package:

Yanhua ACDP 2 has more accessories such as Android cable, IOS cable, USB cable, OBD cable, and supports 14V switch power supply while ACDP 1 supports 12V.

2023 Yanhua Mini ACDP-2 Programming Master Basic Module: