Yanhua ACDP is the safest for Jaguar Landrover key programming

It is the safest to program the keys for Jaguar Land Rover by Yanhua Mini ACDP with module 9, and many locksmiths have confirmed this. I have some test reports for your reference.

Review 1.

I had 16 last week definitely bench job with acdp 1 hour, 2 min

wasn’t encrypted still bench job AKL, I am in Canada

Review 2.

I use acdp all day anything 2013 or newer Jaguar and Land Rover.

Review 3.

I have IM608 but haven’t risked it on JLR. I use True Code or ACDP.

Review 4.

Use Yahhua ACDP to program 2020 range rover full-smart key perfectly.

Alright, most locksmiths think that it is safer to use ACDP to program key on Jaguar and Land Rover when comparing with Autel IM508 /IM608,however some locksmiths say that the risk is not absolute:

every one work on his own way 1-peace of mind 2- secure job 3- u have back up this is how I like it me 2 done also obd no issue but one day i got one fault when orig key stop working as keyless I recover it and solve the issue since then i love bench job and lot of fun cheers and best of luck.