How to crack Toyota TIS Techstrem V13.00.022 V14.20.019 without registration?

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With this crack file, TIS Techstrem 13.00.022 doesn’t need to register with the address and dealer information.


A story for sharing:

Yesterday, one user feedback the Techstrem pops up one window requiring to enter address and dealer info, and he enter the info as he will, then techstream is launched with License registration window, he then input the registration Key in the CD, but again back to the registration page.

crack-toyota-tis-techstrem-v13-00-022-01 crack-toyota-tis-techstrem-v13-00-022-02 engineer’s solution:

Send the above mega link to him to help this user crack Techstrem V13.00.022, then he tried with no problem.


Toyota TIS Techstrem V14.20.019 with crack file:

Firstly, install techstream software and driver.

TIS Techstrem V14.20.019 crack method, watch video from 3 minutes to 4 minutes 15 seconds:

Simple to change techstream bin.exe name, shown as below:

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