Autel IM508 Clone VW MEGAMOS ID48 Transponder Key

Autel IM508 with XP200 key programmer can perform VW / AUDI MQB key learning, 48 transponder (96-bit) adding key, all keys lost, A6 all key lost and more. This post will share the guide to clone a VW MEGAMOS id48 transponder key. Using IM508 You can clone a key ID to a new blank key saving time from pulling and decoding the PIN. Everything can be done within 5 minutes.

Tools need:

Autel MaxiIM IM508 with XP200 key& chip programmer

VW MEGAMOS id48 transponder key


Connect IM508 with XP200, and connect to vehicle

Accept the disclaimer

Go to Immobilizer-> “Volkswagen”-> “Smart Mode” to read vehicle info

Confirm the vehicle info read out

Read “key learning” and “key add” functions info

Check the key status, the present key number is 2

Select “Copy Megamos-48 key”-> Confirm the key will be copied is a cloned key

Insert the start key and then turn ignition switch to ON

Read IMMO data successfully (need about 1 minute)

Next, read and write key ID

Select the key ID already existed in the vehicle in the drop down list to perform key copying operation

Put a blank key in the XP200 key & chip programmer keyhole and then press [OK]

Read and write key ID is completed (need about 1 minute)

Finally, make dealer key (need about 40s)

Copy key successfully

Insert the new key to start the car, there is no immobilizer message on the dashboard, everything is running.