Toyota Techstream lite v11.20.019 software tested without issues

(10.14.2016) Today, uobdii engineers have managed to test the new Toyota techstream crack software v11.20.019.


techstream-1 techstream-2 techstream-3


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And you can download the newest Toyota TIS Techstream Here:

Newest Toyota TIS Techstream Software Free Download


Techstream software download link:

TIS Techstream v11.20.019:!rRR3kIBJ!l-y7uP4i5oh6MksxAxFIKquorGLretTMyshEoIrNB7Y

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V11.20.019 Techstream release notes:

Toyota Techstream v11.20.019
Category Vehicle System Function
Vehicle Coverage
New Functions PRIUS PHV DC Quick Charging Control
RAV4, etc. Telematics ID Information Display
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Refrigerant Filling Mode
PRIUS PHV Hybrid Control EV Mode Cruising Range Reset
PRIUS PHV HV Battery Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting
Functional Improvement PRIUS, etc Hybrid ControlHV BatteryMotor Generator Freeze Frame Data
Engine Activetest
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor CAN Bus Check
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor System Selection Menu
AURIS NRECROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZPRIUS ZVW5RC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Fuel Consumption
CROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZRC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Activetest
Bug Fix RX Back Door DataListCustomize