VXDIAG VCX NANO for Mazda IDS 101 perform Cloud Diagnosis on Mazda 6

This is a user manual of how to perform perform Cloud Diagnosis using Allscanner VXDIAG multi diagnostic tools or VXDIAG VCX NANO series at http://www.uobdii.com/search/?q=vxdiag&DirID=


What is Cloud Diagnosis?

When you buy items at http://www.uobdii.com/, then connect Allscanner VXDIAG or VXDIAGVCX NANO series scanner with software the factory install (no need install software yourself), then to perform diagnosis. That is Cloud Diagnosis.


What’s the compatible device?

VXDIAG or VXDIAGVCX NANO series scanner, made by Allscanner:



What about vehicle supported?

TOYOTA V10.30.029+ HONDA V3.014+ LandRover/Jaguar JLR SDD V141




Land Rover and Jaguar 


What about computer requirement?

PC running on Windows 7system & IE10 at least


Then here goes the process…

VXDIAG VCX NANO for Mazda IDS 101 perform Cloud Diagnosis on Mazda 6


Step 1 install VX Manager

Note: You need the latest version of VX Manager

Click on the icon of VX Manager

Accept the license agreement

Information: click on Next

Select component: click on Next

Installing VX Manager and VCX SDK driver…

Finished installing VX Manager


Step 2 login VX Manager

Open the VX Manager application

Click on VX Cloud Diagnosis, then on Cloud Diagnosis

Note: current Port (connection): USB

Enter name and password to sign in

(name and password are offered by the vendor uobdii.com)

Select MAZDA

Click on Open Cloud


Windows alert: always tick on “Don’t ask ..” and continue

Again, open VX Manager, and the port (connection) will be changed: REMOTE

Then close vx manager


Step 3 cloud diagnosis via Mazda IDS v101

Run Mazda IDS v101

Click on the vehicle icon, select Start New Session->All other

Establishing communication with PCM…

Check vehicle information to continue

Not equipped with DSC

Transaxle type: 2WD

Then continue…

Exit IDS when diagnosis completes


Click on x on the top bar with ip address to close remote connection

Then interface transfers

Cloud diagnosis server open successfully


Tech support from http://www.uobdii.com/