(Review) TIS TechStream program immobilizer chip key for Toyota Tundra

Here in this article i will share with you my personal experience on buying a China clone Toyota diagnostic tool : MINI VCI OBDII cable, that will be a good reference for your purchase.

I lost my immo key on my way home and can not find it anywhere, the next day to get a new one i came to workshop which would charge me nearly $500, that’s really too expensive! I searched on the fourm that whether the key worth this price. Some kind friends told me:

-Program new immo keys for Toyota by with TechStream hardware and software is the best choice which will save you tons of money and time.

-Repair shop is that in the case…

Finally i bought the MINI VCI cable with $26.99 at China OBD2 Shop , very cheap i thought if it worked fine. I received the package 4 days later, after reading its user manual, i began to program my immo key for my Toyota Tundra.

Tools i used:


Here are steps

Frist of all, I insert MINI VCI Cable into OBDII diagnostic socket


Next, Connect MINI VCI Cable with laptop and open it


Then I Insert the new key and turn on switch ignition

Running tis techstream software and Click “connect to vehicle”


Techstream show me the vehicle information, Confirm, correct! And click Next


Then Choose “immobilizer” option


Choose “Utility”


Here come to the most important steps

I Choose “immobilizer key registration” and Press next to proceed


Techstream prompt me to operate step1-3, i just follow the prompt.

tis-techstream-program-new-key-toyota-tundra-9 tis-techstream-program-new-key-toyota-tundra-10 tis-techstream-program-new-key-toyota-tundra-11

And It is registering now…


Done! Techstream Successfully program key for Toyota Tundra 2013!

I try to use this new programmed key, i find the only difference between this one and my original one is the appearance, their immo function is same with each other!

I am very glad to choose this diagnostic cable, it has save me $400+ , cost-effective!