2008 Toyota Highlander HV Smart Key Programmed using Techstream

This test report on how to use Toyota Techstream mini vci to program smart key for Toyota Highlander HV 2008.


Success! Have programmed a new smart key to

Model: Toyota Highlander HV 2008

Engine: 3MZ-FE

Key: w/ smart key


New key to be programmed


techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-5 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-6

And you also need:

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-2 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-3 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-4

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-7 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-8

link to mini vci and techstream:


Connect the mini vci cable to the OBD port on the car and to the USB port on the laptop

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-9 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-10 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-11 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-12

Start the car


Run Techstream software


Select the model and engine…

Model: Toyota Highlander HV 2008

Engine: 3MZ-FE

Key: w/ smart key


Go to smart key

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-16 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-17


Smart key registration


register a key:

– turn the engine/power switch on (engine off/ready off)

– do not carry any device which may generate electric waves, such as a cellular phone, into the vehicle

– be aware that each step must be performed within a specific amount of time

– do not carry two or more keys into the vehicle. this may cause the function to fail


check the current number of key codes

current number of key codes:

number of available spaces for new codes: 5

number of registered key codes: 2

check the current number of key codes and then press Next to continue

new keys can only be registered if spaces are available

if available spaces for new codes is 0, no new keys can be registered


preparation before work

confirm that the two types of keys are separated and placed 30cm (1 foot) or more from the vehicle

– a registered key

– keys to be registered


perform the follow steps:

step 1: separate the two types of keys

step 2: place a registered key into the vehicle


touch engine sw with a registered key

confirm key number

press Pre-Start CHK button to review registration process.

press Start button to begin the registration process

perform the step below with the specified time limit


touch engine sw wit a registered key (beep)


additional key registration: normal type

to register an additional smart key, follow the procedure below:

step 1: hold a registered key to the engine/power sw. a buzzer will sound when the vehicle recognizes the key

step 2: remove the registered key from the vehicle

step 3: place the key to be registered in the vehicle

step 4: hold the key to be registered to the engine/power sw

step 5: place the key to be registered on the passenger seat to complete registration

step 6: registration is complete when the registration complet screen is displayed


the above is an explanation of the registration procedure.

pls close this window and return to the utility screen and then press Start

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-23 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-24

put the key close to the ignition switch and the take it away

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-25 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-27 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-28 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-29 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-30


test the new key

techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-30 techstream-program-key-techstream-highlander-hv-31


the new key worked!

job’s done!