Toyota Techstream replace broken TPMS sensor with new one

Here, i wanna share something about how to erase broken TPMS Sensor and Add New TPMS Sensor in Toyota Lexus or Scion using Toyota diagnostic software TechStream.


About tools:

After a quick look online, i get the software and USB adapter (it’s called mini vci) for usually under $30 shipped.
Don’t pay high insane dealer fees!! Also I have no idea how to do aftermarket TPMS sensors. I ONLY put OEM parts in my Toyota Vehicles. So I know there is some other weird programming you have to do with the aftermarket sensors.
I got this OEM Denso TPMS Sensor from for $35 shipped. MAKE SURE you know the CORRECT TPMS DENSO PART NUMBER for your vehicle!!! There are a few different ones this software will do ALL OEM sensors but you need to make sure you have the right sensor!!!

 And you can download the newest Toyota TIS Techstream Here:

Newest Toyota TIS Techstream Software Free Download


About process:

techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-1 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-2


TPMS is not ON actually. Flashing means that i have an actual tire so it’s not that i have low tire even though i could have a low tire. It’s the fact, there must be something wrong with the TPMS.


Then go to the software Teachstream:

Click on Connect to vehicle

Confirm vehicle info: Toyota Highlander 2010, 2GR FE, W/O Smart key


Select The Pressure Monitor


Code C2122: cannot receive data from transmitter ID2



Go to data list and read ID2 code


Tire ID2 location


BD7540 means a bad old sensor



Then back to Toyota Teachstream

Click on Unity

Perform the function of Tire ID registration for the tire pressure warning system

Note: registration will fail if the time limit its exceeded for any step

Warning: registration will fail if the system is still in the process of initialization


Click on Next


Input each transmitter ID code

Press Next to input the next code

Continue until all codes are registered

techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-11 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-12 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-13 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-14 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-15 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-16

Id registration is complete


Click on Exit


Go to data list, concerned parameters are changed



Then go to trouble codes

Code C2122 was cleared!

techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-19 techstream-replace-broken-tpms-sensor-20