How SKP-900 key programmer add Ford Focus remote key in 3 steps

This blog will manage customers to add Ford focus remote keys with SuperOBD SKP-900 Hand-held Auto Key Programmer, just need 3 steps, spend you several minutes.



Vehicle: Ford Focus

Tool Used: SKP-900 auto key programmer


Detail steps:


Connect SUPEROBD SKP-900 to the car. Enter “IMMOBILIZER” option and choose car model “FORD”→ “FOCUS”


Then choose “IMMOBILIZER2” and press YES to continue..


Follow the prompt turn ignition on and press YES to next step



Choose DELETE KEY to delete all registered keys.

Press YES to continue, after this step, all registered keys will be deleted, then you can program the new keys next.


Back to previous and choose “ADD KEY”

Inset a new key turn ignition on and press [YES] to continue

If you want to add one more key, follow step3

Succeed in programming Ford Focus remote key by using SKP-900 auto key programmer!


Finally, Exit the program and turn off the tool.