TOYOTA Techstream V14.00.018 (02/2019) free download on win7

Here UOBD2 share the newest Toyota TIS Techstream V14.00.018 and V13.00.022 software,hope it helps!


Toyota TIS Techstream V14.00.018

Toyota Techstream V14.00.018 free download:!SAR3Qa7B!N61Ikd1HKEodTiwpODLXKQ


(Guide: run Toyota Launcher.exe to start software, Support 13.30.018, 14.00.018)


Date: 02/2019

– Install both

password: Not required

– Activation: install Patch and no need

-Security: Yes, tested by engineer


VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA Techstream v14.00.018: tested OK

 Wifi version

 USB Version


Below Cable Tested Work Well on Different Version:

Mini VCI J2534 cable:Tested on V13.00.022

Mangoose for Toyota Diagnostics and Reprogramming Interface:12.10.019

Mangoose VCI For Toyota:V13.00.022


Install Toyota Techstream

TOYOTA Techstream V13.00.022 (02/2018) free download + activation!jJpW3YpD!C0u-j8XEdG81gEtFGXQiVsfky02f4iZ0FJBy4WXE2qQ

Password: No need

Activation: Yes After installing the program to request keys enter your ID in the thread and the supplier will give you the keys.

Poster: Autokent (


The above source requires a  account which cost you money to get the invitation code for registration.


You can choose below version to perform you want – tested working fine on win7 and safe to use.

Perform basic diagnosis / customization:  Toyota TIS V13.00.022

Perform basic diagnosis / customization + ECU / Key programming: TOYOTA TIS Techstream V12.10.019



Toyota TIS Techstream compatible Interface:

1) MINI VCI cable

1. Latest Software Version: V13.00.022 Firmware Version: V1.4.1
2. Support Toyota TIS OEM Diagnostic Software as the similar products but at 1/3 price
3. High performance with ARM CPU inside.
4. Support all the diagnostic communication protocols needed for Toyota (since 1996).
5. Support K-Line ISO 9141/KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4/SAE J1850 PWM/SAE J1850 VPW/CAN 2.0B ISO 11898 /CAN ISO 15765-4



3) Mangoose VCI for Toyota

1.Support for DLC3 (OBD II) from 1996-present
2.Support for diagnostics and flash reprogramming software
3.USB Diagnostics tool for CAN, J1850VPW, and ISO9141/KWP2000 vehicles
4.Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32/64-bit), and Windows 7 (32/64-bit)





1. Support original Toyota TIS Techstream software V12.10.019
2. OS support both WINDOWS XP and Windows 7.
3. Software support multi-languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, ect.
4. Compatible with varieties protocols. can be very easy to connect various automotive bus to a PC
5. Small size, easy to carry and convenient for use.

vxdiag-vcx-nano-for-toyota vxdiag-vcx-nano-for-toyota-02 vxdiag-vcx-nano-for-toyota-03 vxdiag-vcx-nano-for-toyota-04



5) Working on MVCI 3 in 1 interface (Out of Stock)

mvci-3- in-1-interface-01 mvci-3- in-1-interface-02 mvci-3- in-1-interface-03


For any device possible to work together with techstream V12.20.024, TRY AT YOUR OWN luck!


How to Install Toyota Techstream V13.00.022 on Win7

Techstream V13.00.022 installation on win7 in words and pictures