Chevrolet Corvette C6 TPMS relearn with Autel & OEC-T5

Car model and year: Chevrolet Corvette C6


Got new Cup Wheels and new GM OEM TPMS tool. Can’t get them to connect.

What usually works for someone is to:

Review 1:

  1. You need to install the correct OEM sensors for your model year. They are not interchangeable.
  2. get the car into learn mode. The learn process has to show in the dic before you start procedure.

Review 2:

For what it’s worth. I was having TPMS problems and I bought the Autel MaxiTPMS TS501. It will read mac address from the TPMS when it queries it. Therefore you get instant feedback on whether it is a bad sensor or not. There are tons of videos on Youtube that will show you the procedure in action.



Review 3:

I will be more thorough from now on as I do presume others know the basics sometimes, meh bad: final “2” beep(s)
it will not take … “in the correct order”
I use an Autel MK808 and it’s not procedure specific.
Hope you get it OP



Review 4:

I have one of the earlier Autel TPMS reset tools (TS401), works fine. I have used it several times while switching tires and rims around.
Quick, easy if you follow the sequence. Also comes in handy if you own other cars…

Review 5:

I bought this one OEC-T5 GM TPMS reset tool

works every time (11USD).
2006 C6 Z06, Bought new TPMS sensors too.



Last summer I was in a similar situation with my 2007 when I started to have TPMS XX warnings due to the original sensors being near end of life with weak batteries. In April this year I purchased the OEM brand Schrader 20076 sensors that the factory installed and this TPMS relearn tool that worked perfectly..

To be upgrading…