How to use EL-50448 GM TPMS Relearn Tool for Chevrolet Avalanche?

This blog will introduce you how to use EL-50448 GM TPMS Relearn Tool to relearn TPMS sensor for Chevrolet Avalanche 2011. (To reset the TPMS light) Check below parts:


What is this special TPMS tool EL-50448 OEC-T5?



EL-50448 OEC-T5 is a professional TPMS reset tool for ALL GM cars and easy to use! With EL-50448 OEC-T5 you can do TPMS relearn by yourself instead of paying for car dealer!


How to use EL-50448 TPMS reset tool to do GM vehicle TPMS relearn?

For example a Chevrolet Avalanche 2011 with TPMS light on when ignition on. (Tire PSI cannot show)

Because car TPMS system will not automatically recognize new tires after change new wheels and tires.


First you need to press the parking brake pedal.


Next you turn car key to position “ON”. Make sure car is in TPMS learn mode.

Then get out of car. Remember to roll down car window in case you were locked out.

Hold EL-50448 TPMS reset tool close to the valve stem. (You should orderly start from left front → right front → right rear→ left rear)

el-50448-gm-tpms-relearn-tool-reset-chevy-avalanche-tpms-5 el-50448-gm-tpms-relearn-tool-reset-chevy-avalanche-tpms-6


After that EL-50448 relearn Chevrolet Avalanche TPMS successfully! Go back to car and you can see now the Front Tire PSI is 41 and the Rear Tire PSI is 41.

el-50448-gm-tpms-relearn-tool-reset-chevy-avalanche-tpms-7 el-50448-gm-tpms-relearn-tool-reset-chevy-avalanche-tpms-8

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