Vident iEasy310 scanner Honda Odyssey Operation Guide

Vident iEasy310 can be very helpful if you are troubleshooting some issues on your vehicle, for example let’s say you have a check engine light on your dash, you simply plug this scan tool into your vehicle and within minutes you’ll be able to find the trouble code and identify what problem your car is having.

With a scan tool like this, besides being able to read the trouble code, you can also use it to erase a trouble code. This tool is also able to read live data and do a quick IM readiness test which will check the readiness of your emission components. Here I will take Vident iEasy310 onto Honda Odyssey for testing.

vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-01 vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-02

Vident iEasy310 unboxing.

Let me show you the unboxing of this tool, and then take it to the vehicle and show you how to use it.

As you can see, the package includes: one iEasy 310 unit, one user manual and one USB cable.


Have a closer look at Vident iEasy 310 unit.

Let’s have a closer look at this Vident iEasy 310 scan tool. On the front it’s a three color LCD display, right below that is a green, yellow and red LED status lights:

So it lights up green when everything is running normally;

if you have a yellow LED then there’s a possible problem and the vehicle might have a pending trouble code;

if you see a red LED then you have one or more trouble code and the check engine light on your dash is on.

This “Help” hot key allow you to access the help function.

On the right side is a hot key for “IM readiness test, this will check the readiness of your emission components.

In the middle is a navigation buttons: up, down, left and right.

You can also use a button to read trouble code and erase trouble code.

There’s a “Back” button, “Enter” button and the “Red” button at the bottom will allow you to restart the tool.

The overall design is very compact, it’s nicely in your hand.

At the top is a cable that goes through the 16pin connector is where you plug into your vehicle, this cable is three feet long, I wish the cable to be a little longer but at three feet you’ll be able to plug this into your vehicle and use a tool while you’re on the driver’s side.

Now I want to mention the iEasy310 tool does not require any batteries to operate, once you plug into your vehicle, you’ll get power from the vehicle.


Vident iEasy310 OBD2 code scanner diagnose Honda Odyssey.

1) Menu overview

Vident iEasy310 operate on Honda Odyssey, the OBD port is right underneath the driver’s side. Plug this scan tool into the data link connector.


Here’s a look at the home screen, there are six menu items:OBDII / EOBD, Battery, DTC lookup, Review, Print Data and Setup.


To navigate: use arrow buttons right here, so if you want to check the battery voltage, press “Enter” with the engine off the battery is 11.93 volts.


Back to select “DTC lookup, you can enter the trouble code and look up what the trouble code is, for example P0420. There’s a trouble code for catalyst system efficiency, if you have this it could mean you have a problem with your catalytic converter.

Back to “Review will allow you to review your saved data.

With “Print data, you can connect this to your computer and print out the saved data.

Setup here, you can change your language, configure monitors, change the unit of measure, turn on and off the key beep, turn on and off the diag beep set, tool self test, you can test the display, Keyboard.



About will show you the software version.


2) Start the car and test “OBDII /EOBD”.

Let’s go back to “OBDII /EOBD”.

Now start the car.

If I check the battery now, it read the voltage of the alternator.


Let’s go to OBDII.

Under the diagnostic menu, you can read codes, you can read the stored codes, pending codes and permanent codes.


No code stored.


Next is erase codes, if you have any trouble codes and was able to identify the problem and fix it, you can go here and erase the code.

Next is live data.

It’s reading all the pids.


Let’s go into view data, you can look at all the data set or select a specific parameter, you can also grab it, let’s go to complete dataset.

Scroll down.


So, for example RPM right now is 737. if I rev the engine, you see the number go up. Press enter and you can grab it.

vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-18 vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-19

Custom data set tells you the right button will allow you to select and deselect. The left button will allow you to select and deselect all, press “Enter” to confirm. Then back to cancel again.

I’ll use RPM as an example, selected, press “enter”, now only show you the parameter you selected RPM, press it again go grab it.

vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-20 vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-21

When you’re done go back, you can also choose “Grab data set. Press “enter” to start.


Let’s go back now, you can also “Record Data.

You can record the complete data set or the custom dataset or the graph data set.

With a “Manual trigger, if you press the enter button will start recording.

With the “DC trigger“, if it sees a trouble code, that’s when it starts recording.


Press “Enter” to start “Manual trigger”. So right now the live data is being recorded, to stop the recording, press “back” here tells you recording is done, you want to play back the data, select “Yes”, now it’s playing back the recorded data.


Let’s go to our readiness to check their mission components. Here tells you the mission components already.

Onboard monitor test: you can use it to test emission related components.

vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-25 vident-ieasy310-operate-on-honda-odyssey-26

Vehicle information. Here, I’ll show you the vin number of the vehicle.

Now, this can be handy if you’re buying a used vehicle and you want to make sure the vin number is correct.


Let’s go down to “Review.

Live data that we recorded that’s playing back the recorded data.


If you want to go straight to the I/M test, press the “Hot key” on the keyboard.

I’ll give you a summary of the I /M readiness test.

When you’re done with the testing, turn off the engine, just disconnect the cable and then iEasy310 unit will turn off.


As you read above, this Vient iEasy310 can tool can do a lot when it comes to troubleshooting problems in your vehicle, the overall design is very good I like the large three inch LCD display, the layout of the navigation button makes it very easy to operate, this is perfect for the DIY home use.

With Vient iEasy310, you can diagnose a problem and decide if you want to picture yourself or take it to a mechanic and have them fix it at the time of doing this review, you can get the schedule for 45 dollars.

I’ll include the link below: