How to use Xhorse Key tool max program Mazda universal key

How to use Xhorse Key tool max with Mini OBD Tool program 2018 Mazda universal key. Here is the tutorials.


1.Insert Xhorse Mini OBD into the vehicle’s OBD port

2.Use Xhorse APP on smart phone or Key Tool Max to select ‘IMMO Programming’

3.Scroll down and select vehicle make: Mazda

Then select by regional car model>> USA>> Mazda3>> Smart key system>> 2017- >> Add a key

4.Follow the on- screen instruction to do

Take all smart keys out of car

5.Press start button of vehicle for 10 seconds, then press start button again when the indicator light of start button changes to yellow.

Operation completed!

6.Switch ignition on

It prompt ‘current number of smart keys: 3, whether to continue?’

7.Click ‘Yes’ to continue

8.Read the password (some models may not be able to read the password but only to query the password)

9.Complete to read password, continue to match

10.Configuring the system, 7 minutes are needed, please be patient. Wait for about 7 minutes for the horn to sound

11.Steps on brakes when automatic-shift

12.Step on the clutch when manual- shift, and keep the mark end of the smart key to be programmed close to the start button, take other keys out of the car

Test: Remote is working.