How to enable VVDI Key Tool Max COPY 48 96bit?

To enable VVDI Key Tool Max COPY 48 activation , 10 new remotest must be generate
No matter if they are Wire remote, NXP remote, Smart key, or Super chip.


The method to obtain free ID48 96bit function:

Please use VVDI Key Tool Max to generate 10 pieces of Xhorse new remote key, after collecting the points, the server will open ID48 96bit function free 1 hour later.

1-5 2-2 3-1


Important tips:

1.VVDI key tool Max ID48 96bit Copy cannot be purchased, only after generating 10 xhorse remote key and collecting points, the user can get it for free.

2.Unlike VVDI MINI key tool, VVDI key tool Max ID48 96bit Copy is not free with one-year tokens.

How and where to get the tokens:

1st method. Purchase tokens

2nd method. Collect points from Xhorse remote key:

wire remote/ 25bonus points

wireless remote/ 40 bonus points

smart key /60 bonus

1 Token=100 points.


VVDI Key Tool Max tech support: