How to Reset Airbag on TOYOTA R7F7016443 89170-0A100 with OBDSTAR P50 on Bench?


Is it possible to use OBDSTAR P50 to reset airbag on TOYOTA R7F7016443 89170-0A100 by bench?

Here is the answer:


OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset software V30.46 updated on Aug.11th, 2023. It added 231 part numbers models to support airbag reset, including TOYOTA H8SX172X.R7F7016443.R7F7016843 (60 part No.).

TOYOTA R7F7016443 (40 part No.):

89170-02W60 89170-0A200 89170-12G10 89170-47B50 89170-60F10
89170-02W80 89170-0A220 89170-12L30 89170-48E10 89170-60F80
89170-02Y10 89170-0C660 89170-28480 89170-48E30 89170-60F90
89170-08110 89170-0C670 89170-42690 89170-48E50 89170-60G00
89170-08210 89170-0C690 89170-42700 89170-48F60 89170-60G70
89170-08230 89170-0E330 89170-42720 89170-48120 89170-78090
89170-0A100 89170-0E340 89170-42730 89170-60D70 89170-78150
89170-0A140 89170-0E350 89170-42F10 89170-60D80 89170-F6010

TOYOTA R7F7016843 (19 part No.):

89170-0DE20 89170-0DF50 89170-52P70 89170-52Q50 89170-K0060
89170-0DE30 89170-0DG60 89170-52Q10 89170-52Q60 89170-K0070
89170-0DF30 89170-0H220 89170-52Q20 89170-52Q70 89170-K0080
89170-0DF40 89170-52P60 89170-52Q30 89170-K0010  

OBDSTAR CAN- FD Adapter and P004 Adapter & Jumper are required to work with P50 for Toyota R7F7016443 and R7F7016843. In addition, must keep P50 in charging and internet connection is normal in the whole process!

Let’s see how to reset airbag on TOYOTA 89170-0A100 R7F7016443.

Operation process:

Select Airbag Reset>> All>> Airbag Reset icon>> Airbag Reset V30.47

Input the ECU part number 0A100 which can be found on the ECU label in the search box to quickly find the airbag ECU

Click [Start]

Connect the CAN-FD Adapter before performing the corresponding function

Click [Pinout] to view the detailed operation procedure and wiring diagram

Connect OBDSTAR P004 Adapter and airbag ECU via the P004 Jumper

Connect OBDSTAR P004 Adapter and CAN-FD Adapter, and connect to P50 airbag reset tool via the main cable

Step 1: Read ECU info

Read out the part number and FW number

Step 2: Read DTC

Read out the crash fault “CRASH Event Storage Full and Locked!”

Step 3: Read and backup EEPROM

Tap Advanced Function>> Read EEPROM (R7F7016443)

Read and save data success

Disconnect the 12V power supply of P004 adapter (turn off the ignition) and wait for 30 seconds, and then reconnect it (turn on the ignition).

Step 4: Erase crash

Select the EEPROM data file just saved to erase

Erase crash in file successfully

Write the EEPROM data as well

Disconnect the 12V power supply of OBDSTAR P004 adapter (turn off the ignition) and wait for 30 seconds, and then reconnect it (turn on the ignition).

Step 5: Erase DTC

Erase DTC success

Step 6: Read DTC

No crash fault codes!

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool also successfully reset TOYOTA 89170-08110 R7F7016443 airbag on Bench.

OBDSTAR P50 Reset TOYOTA 89170-08110 R7F7016443 Airbag on Bench