OBDSTAR P50 Ford ECOSPORT Airbag Reset by Bench

OBDSTAR P50 Ford ECOSPORT Airbag reset by bench tutorials:

Please Keep P50 in charging and communication in the whole process.

Click [Airbag Reset] and update Airbag Reset Newest Version first.

Then click [Auto Search Part Number] Remarks: can click operation instrcutions at bottom left to check the best detect way.

Input part number of ECU(case insensitive),support fuzzy search;Remarks:can check part number on ECU’s label.

Different cars are with different airbag ECU, please choose corresponding wiring diagrams.

Connect P004 adpater with main cable and airbag ECU via Jumper, then turn on 120Ω resistance.

Tunrn on power button of P004 adapter.

Airbag Reset Steps:

Read DTC- Backup EEPROM data – Erase Crash – Erase DTC – Read DTC

Video Guide: