Xhorse Mini Key Tool Ford 4D60 Transponder Clone Tutorials

Xhorse Mini Key Tool Ford 4D60 Transponder Clone with VVDI Super Chip Tutorials: 

Detail Steps:

1.Read transponder with original key

Put the original Ford key into the coil position of Mini Key Tool

Tap ‘Transponder Clone’ and ‘Read Transponder’

Detect out the key type is transponder 4D+ (60)

2.Generate transponderwith VVDI Super Chip XT27

Take out the original key and put the xt27 super chip into the coil

Tap ‘Generate Transponder’

Select ID60~ID70 (40 bits)>> 60-Generic>> 60-Generi Transponder: VVDI XT27 Texas Crypto TIRIS 4D>> Generate

Generate transponder successfully

3.Clone Ford 4D key with VVDI XT27

Go to Transponder Clone function interface

Take out the super chip and put the original key to detection coil of VVDI Mini Key Tool to read transponder again

Then put the super chip x27 into coil

Tap Clone>> Start clone

It will complete all processes: recognize>> Sniffer data>> Upload>> Calculate>> Query

Upload data successfully

Query the calculation result is success

Copy successfully

Video Guide: