OBDSTAR P50 Ford 6C1T14B056 Airbag Reset on Bench

OBDSTAR P50 with Airbag Reset V30.42 adds Ford 95160, XC2XXX (25 part No.) airbag ECUs (Click here to review). It’s newly tested on Ford 6C1T14B056 by bench, and works like a charm! A 12V /2A charge is needed. Make sure the internet connection is normal during the operation.

Device and accessories used:

FORD 6C1T14B056 airbag ECU

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool

OBDSTAR P004 Adapter and Jumper Airbag Reset Kit

Main cable

12V /2A charge

Operation process:

Plug the 12V /2A charge into OBDSTAR P50 tablet

Select Airbag Reset>> Airbag Reset V30.42>> Manual Select Model>> FORD/LINCOLN>> Auto Search Part Number

Check the ECU part number on the label, type it in the input box, and confirm

Confirm the airbag ECU read out

Follow the pinout to connect P004 adapter and airbag ECU via the P004 jumper, and connect to P50 via the main cable

After connection, turn on the switch button on P004 adapter

  • Read ECU info- success
  • Read and backup EEPROM (95160) data- success

Disconnect the 12V power supply and wait for 30s, and then reconnect

  • Read DTC- success

The crash fault code is B1231 “Crash detected (Event Threshold Exceeded)!”

  • Erase Crash- success

Select the EEPROM file just saved to erase

Erase success, and also write the changes through [write eeprom] function successfully

Disconnect the 12V power supply or turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds, and reconnect or turn it on again

  • Erase DTC- success
  • Read DTC again, now there is no crash fault code.

Airbag reset by OBDSTAR P50 successfully.

Tested OK on Ford ECOSPORT as well:

OBDSTAR P50 Ford ECOSPORT Airbag Reset by Bench