OBDSTAR Battery Reset V30.00 Update Free: Add VOLVO MVBM Erase Crash Records

OBDSTAR Battery Reset V30.00 free update: Add VOLVO MVBM ( Medium Voltage Battery Module ) erase crash records. The Volvo MVBM module is a 48V power battery module. When a collision occurs, the module will automatically power off and record related faults (such as: a detected collision by B1652 or mechanical failure), causing the vehicle to fail to start.

At present, the MVBM module with a metal casing can only be disassembled, read and repaired by a small number of  professional maintenance personnel of automotive  electronics (it is extremely risky to do  the necessary  operations  of disassembling the casing and using a professional programmer to weld and  read and write data), whereas the MVBM module with a plastic casing cannot be read and written by the programmer due to the encryption of the CPU chip,which makes it irreparable.

OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus C and OBDSTAR P50  released  bench  mode  repair.  There is no need to disassemble to read the chip, and it supports both metal casing and plastic casing modules.