Edc17cp14 read and write with Ktag 7.020 clone: Confirmed

More and more users tried to read and write ecm edc17cp14 using Clone V7.020 KTAG Master with Red PCB.

Review 1. Can confirm that ktag 7.020 china reads writes pefect done dozens in years.


Review 2. Clone Ktag Read OK and write OK for Edc17cp14.

Review 3. I have done this ECU dozens of times with the cheapest clone 7.020. Remember that a clone is never a safe solution.
You can protect ECU with a good lab power supply, don’t use that from ktag.

And you will find all about pinout and connection in instruction from ktag.

Reworked ktag EU 7.020: all good

Review: I have done many edc17 with my ktag reworked, and never had any issue.

Problems come from failing power supply, and main ecu cable having bad quality.

Kess Clone V5.017: No problem

Review: Kess Clone V5.017 boot can read and write ECD17 CP14 it no problem!

Open ECU and use tricore boot mode for reading and writing. Everything is written in ksuite instruction.


Maybe you are interested in the best source of Ktag 7.020: