Best OBD Tuning Hardware for Cars and Bikes

Looking for the best OBD Tuning Hardware for Cars and Bikes? Aim to Automatic Checksum Correction, Clone Control Unit 100%,Read / write ECU Data via OBD, Flash Counter Reset ,Vmax Speed Off, DPF EGR Remove, Start/Stopp OFF, AdBlue Remove, EGR – DTC Off, POP & BANGS… Which is the best Autotuner Master or Kess v2 Master or K-Tag Master?

Sharing from the experienced ECU tunners:

  1. Any of Autotuner, Kess V2, Ktag just read-write, but no files modification. For mods u need to find experienced guy or company and send files to them for mods. Or make modification by yourself if u experienced enough. I use Flex ori, Kess v2– good clone, k-tag -goo clone. But I afraid work clone with cars after 2010-2012. If you have no experience use ori tools only, K-tag cover most of ECU. But some my friends sell their Flex and bought Autotuner.
  2. All clones cannot reach the model years of the original devices.

Does not matter if its kess ktag or any other.

They support vehicles but year coverage is like 5 years or more older than our current year.

Ktag reads only on bench,kess reads by obd or with tricore module some edc17/med17 like ktag.

if you have an error writing then, most ecu can be read on bench and recovered if you have the knowledge.

kess v2 has recovery function for these situations, but most times,(for some ecus)ecu is bricked.

  1. don’t bother with mpps v21 they die after about 10 writes so stay away. mpps v18 eu clone is a very good tool I own one amazing on edc15 an edc16 it loves them. as for kess v2 clone be very careful some china ones are shit

some are ok but all of them need a rework don’t let anyone tell you different and it will be a very good tool after a rework never had a problem with mine and I don’t bother with ksuite 2.53 or 2.70 onwards, just number changes stick to 2.23 that’s the most stable for kess 5.017 and ktag 7.020, also change the sd card the china kess and ktag cards are known to be unstable.

I speak from experience hope that helps

To be continued for updating…

Here is the best Kess V2 and Ktag source, which is well-received by an increasing number of ECU tuners: