PSA EDC17C60 ECU Programmer: Ktag or KTM Bench

Program ECU for PSA EDC17C60, which programmer is tested: KTM Bench or Ktag 7.020 or flex?

1. KTM Bench: Failed

File was modified (adblue off).
Everything was working fine. But after few engine starts and rides – Car doesn’t start.
In ecu DTCs
P3028 – file modification was detected
P151A – starts blocked

Dtc off does not help for this situation.

2. Ktag Master: Succeed

Use Ktag, it will Ask For Original File, Then He Will Patch It Correctly.

I have done lots with Ktag 7.020 fine every time.

Ktag does checksum for EDC17 and I have READ + Write EDC17C54 many times in Amarok etc fine every time.

I had the same problem on EDC17C10 PSA, i read with flex and after that i try to write also with flex and have problem. (bench) After that i try with ktag and everything was fine. I was making DPF + ADblue off.

How to read write edc17c60 psa ecu with ktag clone?

No need to attach from underneath. Boot pin connection is next to tricore. You can find picture on Google.

Use Ktag clone 7.020 to read LAST ECU PEUGEOT CITROËN EDC17C60 GPT: