CG Pro 9S12 programmer new adapters for you choose

CG Pro 9S12 programmer adds many new adapter for you choose as you like.


Here we go for details incl. functions and adapter image.


SK238-1:35080/35160 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to operate M35080/35160 series chip


SRC: xxxxxx


SK238-2. EEPROM & V850 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do 8pin chip and NEC/ Renesas series chip


SRC: xxxxxx


SK238-3. AM29FXXX/AM29BLxxx/HC705 /908 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do AM29F200/AM29F400/AM29F800 series chip.

For ECU repair, Immobilizer repair etc.

Used to do AM29BL802 series chip

Used for ECU repair, Immobilizer repair or Weizhi immobilizer cancel etc.

Used to do HC705 /908 series chip.

Used for old Mercedes Benz Immobilizer reading & writing, Benz EIS repair etc.




SK238-4: DB25 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do Motorola series (Freescale) without soldering.




SK238-5: 711 adapter for CG Pro 9s12

Repair BMW EWS data and EWS change.


All of the above adapters are designed to work together with CG PRO 9S12 programmer.