CGDI MB All Keys Lost Programming for Benz W216

Here I want to share a guide on how to use CGDI MB to do all keys lost programming for Benzf W216.Hope it helps!



Connect the CGDI MB Programmer to vehicle by OBD port,and lunch the CGDI MB software.

Note:Make sure your vehicle have enough power to process these operations.

Select “ EIS” option from menu at left side,then click “Read EIS Data”

Select “Compute Password” option from menu,then check the option “Copy key without key”

Click “Collect Data”

Please insert the simulation key into EIS within 1 minutes,if you have inserted,please pull out and try again…


Please pull out the simulation key within 1 minute.

Insert the emulation key into EIS again

It will take you about 1 hour to repeat operations(insert into and pull out emulation key from EIS),about 400 times to complete the data collection.


After it prompt you that data collection finish,please save the data file as default name on your laptop.

Save the file successfully,click “OK” to continue

Click “Upload Data”

Upload the data just saved.

Upload data successfully,please click [Query Result] button to query.

Query key password successfully

Copy key password

Go to EIS,paste password

Save EIS data,default file name

Select “Generate EE” option from menu,load EIS file,check the information

Click “Generate key file”,please wait patiently

The key file was generated successfully,save the file with a new folder.

Select “Read/Write Key”

Insert the new key into the equipment

Click “Read Key”,to show the key information

Reset operation successfully.

Click “Open/Write”,and you need to pay attention to the prompt information.

Choose the unused key data

Write successfully

Learn key on car

Now you can read the EIS information again and you will find the key data is used,and according to the symptom that the key can work on car.So the all keys lost programming successfully!