BMW E46 steering angle sensor calibration with INPA or BMW Scanner 1.4.0

I’ve been spending the past few days getting BMW INPA scanner and other programs installed on my laptop. I soldered the 7 and 8 connectors on my cable and finally I was able to read my steering angle sensor status. I was following directions to re-calibrate it but when I hit shift+f4 to display compensation routines, nothing happens! This whole ordeal has been really frustrating and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could chime in and help me out.

INPA Cable

Finally Solved!

Here I’d like to share the solution.

Download the older version of INPA from BMW-North’s thread and go to post #32 for the setup instructions. It’s really easy to install especially if you’ve already installed INPA before. In my case, when I went to special tests and selected steering angle adjustment e46, I got an error saying “error in communications to DSC No connection possible.” What worked for me is going to e46>chassic>DSC MK60>Shift+f4>f1. But this ONLY worked for me with the old version of INPA. Thank you BMW-North and jfoj, you guys help make this forum awesome!



BMW Inpa Setup English



One more choice: BMW Scanner 1.4.0

BMW Scanner

Be careful on the Steering Angle Sensor.


To “calibrate” it, usually you just need to turn the steering wheel lock to lock 2 times. You may need to roll the car slowly in a large, empty parking lot, but more often than not you can “calibrate” the sensor without tools or software by the 2 full turns of the steering wheel lock to lock.


Now what often happens is there may be a problem the ABS module, which the steering angle sensor usually connects to. Often you need to read ALL the module codes to find out of the steering angle is bad or if there may be a problem with the ABS module or cluster.


BMW Scanner 1.4.0 is an easy tool to use that will allow you to program or code a replacement Steering Angle Sensor, will show you Live Steering Angle Sensor data and will read codes in other modules such as the ABS unit and/or cluster.


PA Soft/BMW Scanner has the ability to “code” the Steering Angle Sensor which needs the VIN entered so it can understand what the vehicle wheel base is. I know it can show Live data for the Steering Angle Sensor. Not sure it can “Reset” or “Center” the sensor values. But this is often not a solid requirement.


Usually the 2 turns lock to lock of the steering will “center” or “baseline” the Steering Angle Sensor.


I do know my SnapOn Solus Ultra has the ability to “center” or “0” the sensor, but this is just nothing more than writing “0” into the Steering Angle Sensor with the current position of the wheels. I did center the setting to “0” just because I could. I zeroed the sensor, then drove down a long straight road and then kept zeroing the sensor until I was happy it was at “0” while driving straight ahead.’


Did not think this was needed, just something I was able to do and figured I might as wheel zero the steering completely.