CGDI MB Clean ISM DSM ESM for Benz W164

This article show a demo on how to use CGDI MB to clean ISM DSM ESM for Benz W164.



Remove the ISM/DSM/ESM from vehicle

Automatic Transmission Module

Automatic Transmission Module connector pin

Run the CGDI MB Prog software,click “Auto Computer”–>”Type W164”–>”ISM/DSM/ESM”

Select “Wiring Diagram”

Then it will show the wiring diagram to you.

Note:ISM/DSM/ESM requires external 12V power supply.

Automation Transmission Module wire harness connection.

Click “Read”

Then CGDI MB Programmer software will show the module information as below:

Click “Get” to calculate the password

It will prompt you “Erase password calculated successfully!”

Then click “Erase”

Erase successfully

You can click “Read” to check the ISM/DSM/ESM status,it was erased.