CGDI MB Mercedes Benz key programmer new adapters (optional)

CGDI MB Mercedes Benz key programmer new adapters for you choose by paying extra money.


  1. OBD cable

Used to connect the car Body to diagnose ECU, read and collect the data.



  1. Simulate key

Support the key password reading via OBD

Support data acquisition when all keys lost

Support EIS erasing and writing

Support repair ELV



  1. ELV Repair adapter

1). One-click forced clearness

2). Enable ELV to make it out of suspended animation

3). Restore the factory settings to solve accidental failures

4). Write ELV, judge if it works normally.

Repair the locked chip Repair the Mercedes Benz ELV

W204  W207 W212 W209 W906



  1. NEC adapter for CGDI MB

Can read, write and erase the original key chip.



  1. USB cable for CGDI MB

Used to connect CGDI MB machine to computer for communicating.