VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III V2018.4 free download: 2017 2018 cars OK

VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III V2018.4 is available for free download, it can work with newest car models after 2017 and 2018 year. VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III can perform OBDII diagnostic and programming functions.


VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III V2018.4 free download:


Password: bycy

Security: 100% safe, provided by VXDIAG engineer.

Highlights: Works with newest SUBARU after 2017 / 2018 year.

Free not charge


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SUBARU SSM-III V2018.4 test reports:


  1. Car models

Both 12V Gasoline and 24V Diesel Car.

Covers newest SUBARU after 2017 / 2018 year


  1. Functions

All System Diagnosis: OK

Displays on a single screen the fault detect status of all control system control modules for which SSMΙΙΙ diagnosis is supported, and memorized diagnostic codes.


Each System Check: OK

Select a particular system from among the control systems for which SSMΙΙΙ diagnosis is supported, and perform fault diagnosis.

SUBARU SSM-III V2018.4 can be used to view input/output data of the system control modules that perform fault diagnosis, memorized diagnostic codes, and other data on the PC display. This menu item is also used after repair work is complete to delete diagnostic codes, to configure control module settings, etc.


Saved Data Display: OK

SUBARU SSM-III can be used to save various data sampled during fault diagnosis operations, and to load data for viewing after work is complete.


Immobilizer: OK

SUBARU SSM-III performs immobilizer registration.


Reprogram: OK

SUBARU SSM-III performs reprogramming of the control module.

Read CF application measurement data: OK

This item performs reading stand alone measurement data saved in a CF card to hard disk of your PC.


Convert/Save measurement data on driving recorder: OK  

Loads data sampled on the driving recorder to the PC from the CF card, and converts and saves that data.


Oscilloscope: OK  

After attaching the optional pulse/analog cartridge to SDI, connect the pulse/analog box to the SDI and using pulse/analog probe to perform analog sampling.


Program Subaru smart key: OK