Best scan tool or software for Benz W208 99 CLK 320 Coupe

Car model and year: ’99 CLK 320 Coupe

Purpose: a comprehensive scan tool or laptop based software about $500

Optional W208 Scanner:

It wasn’t very long ago that the only choice was the MB STAR diagnostic software (a.k.a SDS), that cost $xx,xxx to purchase or $x,xxx for an annual lease.

However, it would it see/reset every W208 module DT
-Powertrain P codes
-Network U codes
-Body B codes
-Chassis C codes

Through W208 production, as significant upgrades were made, they were tracked and updated via VIN.


Image 1: best sdconnect C4 plus DoIP

As a result, numerous knock off versions appeared, some counterfeit, outdated, only worked w/ specific versions of Windows, included malware etc..

The good news is that in the $100 – $200 range, there are numerous scan tools available that claim to be able to read/reset full MB DTCs, including live data via just the OBDII connector.

As example iCarsoft MBII

However, note the warning that it will not work with our W208 chassis.

The reason is that MB only implemented a subset of OBDII on the W208, that brought out only power, ground and a single ended K line to the OBDII connector (e.g. only sufficient to see emission faults). Additionally, at the time, MB used a proprietary software protocols that even made using the W208 38 pin engine bay diagnostic connector with a OBBII adapter problematic.

For MY’s 2004 up, MB finally implemented full OBDII signalling and protocols, which likely make these newer scanners workable. When you read reviews, note the model and MY date.


Or VXDIAG Benz, which perform the same functions for W208 as Star SDS diagnostic system.