Toyota 8A H chip all keys lost program with Xhorse VVDI2

When Toyota 8A H chip all keys lost and need to program new keys without disassembling Immobilizer Box, Xhorse VVDI2Xhorse toyota 8A adapter, this job will be easily done.


  1. Immobilizer Box off-line match

  1. OBD match: without disassembling immobilizer box.

1). Disconnect the battery positive.

2) Locate the #2 ignition switch relay position and unplug the relay at the same time.

3). Plug the device into the obd2 port of the Toyota car.

4). Look at how VVDI2, Cable Vvdi Toyota 8A and the computer connect.

  1. Put in the VVDI super chip.

Click on “Check Toyota 8A adapter”, then “8A IMMO box all keys lost – directly generate the main key”.

Read data

upload data

computer data.

The device completes automatically.

When the device prompts the completion of the operation, we also need to restore the vehicle and then start the vehicle for testing.