Free Ford V106 Mazda IDS 107 Win7 8 10- Cracked! No Pass!

Mazda IDS107!AVEFRDSD!otWL5hLfdRcdZFGhrBfIRUNjPpcY4G4Oi4U4u-_Bnr8

Mazda IDS 106.00.exe    485.1 MB!URcAkYSJ!43aIll-OlnWigy39JtgXe7oyiGcyVR2uBcRE75_akmQ

Free Ford V106:!FddzWSoI!s9ViguqHPgZI_inOo6ODuA

Ford IDS86.rar    353.7 MB!YR0TkKbI!IceZeZAtA2fwAJMu01uzT1abBY3m1v8hBwHjwcx-9go

Ford IDS98 VM.rar    1.42 GB!QYcDALhL!O8ibp-syZzPcc99vthyhGRoQ3lUQpUHYb74d9omK_1A

FORD V100 EN/CN!9wRz1Bha!WAs4sDRy4sqhyJLtQnTyiA

-No Pass
-Win7 / 8 / 10 works:
VXDIAG Cloud Diagnosis Function:
-100% works by vxdiag engineers

Works on:
VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford/Mazda Diagnostic Tool

Not tested VCM2 & Fly VCM3 yet, try at your own luck.

Tested report:
Record and play back live data for ABS, PCM…tested ok
Program and Install new ECUs (PCM, ABS)…tested ok
Read and Clear DTCs…tested ok
Program New Keys for Mazda 6…tested ok
Set, adjust or remove speed governors…tested ok
DPF Regeneration…tested ok
Automatic vehicle recognition…tested ok
All other dealer functions…tested ok
Reset steering angle…tested ok
Find guided fault…tested ok
Injector Coding…tested ok