Possible Make keys to BMW F15 with Xhorse VVDI2?

Yesterday I could not make the keys to the BMW F15 with Xhorse VVDI2. I must say that there was no access to the car, since it was far away and available only the BDC and the ISN with ECU.
BDC SWFL 00002419_052_010_030
This version of the SWFL is not supported in the VVDI2 and asks to upgrade the BDC.
However, I was unable to perform a BDC upgrade using E-SYS on a table without a car, error: error ID:9 – Vehicle not in state

Pruefen_Analyse_Diagnose / ignition not activated (clamp 15 off). The test platform has an ignition contact in the dashboard connector, closing the contacts in the dashboard connector did nothing (I don’t have a dashboard and access to the car)
Has anyone done BDC/FEM programming with E-SYS on a table without a car? What I need for programming BDC/FEM with E-SYS on the table? Connecting the dashboard will allow to perform programming?

And the Xhorse make support for this old version of SWFL, I am silent about the SWFL version after the ISTA 4.28.32 update. There are also problems with CAS3.

How to fix? Here are some experience for sharing:

Had one FEM from F20 with exact problem. Usually error: error ID:9 – Vehicle not in state Pruefen_Analyse_Diagnose / ignition not activated (clamp 15 off) means that you need to connect ELV to get ignition on for programming with ESYS.

Esys require “ignition on” to proceed through programming – this is nothing to do with the ELV. It wont start the process otherwise. Things like CGDI or Yanuhua or something, they are bypassing the requirements going through anyway. When it fails then may be problem to recover.

Esys is much more reliable and never fails but wont help you sometimes when AKL.

It some cases VVDI telling nonsense to flash with Esys then. They not provide any support or info how to do it.

When using ISTA it forces ignition on, and then you can plug in enet cable and flash using e-sys.

This is how I did it a long time ago when playing around with some spare FEMs

Worked for me though.

However they were spare modules and not customer modules so I wasn’t bothered if it didn’t work or something went wrong.

Good luck!