Autel AP200 code reader register new battery for Porsche: Nice

$60 Autel AP200 code reader Bluetooth is able to register new battery for Porsche (i.e  Cayman, Macan etc). Let’s read the real users’ experience sharing in the following paragraphs.


Review 1: $60 Autel AP200 code reader register new battery for 2015 Porsche Cayman

My 2015 Porsche Cayman was on its original battery and lately had begun to show some odd behavior in cold weather despite being connected to a Porsche Charg-O-Mat most of its idle time during the last year. So, I decided to replace the battery. I bought a Duracell Platinum 94R AGM, 80h, from Batteries Plus and installed it myself. Interestingly, while the new one is a 94R (I.e., H7) like the old battery, the length of the Duracell is more like an H8. I kept the car connected to the tender through the footwell socket during the switch, though the battery was disconnected for just 10 minutes or so. I don’t think I lost any settings, but I reset the windows anyway. I immediately noticed much better Stop-Start capability and all of the electronics seem to be working as they should.

After a day, I bought the Autel AP200 code reader for $60. I was able to use the reader to register the new battery. The registration screen has entries for capacity, type (AGM. wet, etc.), serial number and Porsche part serial number.

Review 2: replaced my battery in my 2016 Macan Turbo with $60 Autel MaxiAP AP200

Just replaced my battery in my 2016 Turbo with the larger 958-611-105-21 105Ah OEM one and programmed the car with my $60 Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth ODB tool. This tool can also reset the service reminders and perform rear brake service. It’s a pretty economical solution for any maintenance needs. For $60 it’s cheap peace of mind regardless if the re-programming does anything or not.

I got the OEM Porsche part. I listed the part number above. It was $415 at my wholesale cost. I’m sure there is a cheaper option but I wanted the 105Ah battery and didn’t want to spend the time finding the alternative that would fit. The Porsche battery took seconds to order and was delivered to me within hours.

But note this Autel AP200 scanner offers one free vehicle-specific software allowing you to diagnose one car for free, and you need to spend $21.99(Android) /$21.99(iOS) buying 12-month use permission of one more car model. But still, apparently a great buy for a light use DIY’er.

Autel AP200 only include a lifetime license for one manufacturer for advanced functions such as battery programming, service reset, etc. Each additional manufacturer is $22 PER YEAR! And there’s no option for an additional lifetime license. I would rather buy another module for $60 and get another lifetime license. But nothing comes close in terms or value for the casual DIY’er.

Review 2: can do diagnostic to over 25 systems

I also have the Autel Maxi AP200. But in my case, I paired it to my wife’s Volvo. With my purchase, they sent me a “lucky card” to be able to add a second car for free…

I’m very impressed with the little thing. You can do diagnostic to over 25 systems, and do a bunch of other services. Basically same as other more expensive scanners. For about $68, you could buy one for each of your cars and still you will be paying less than buying one of the most expensive ones.

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