How to use Xhorse Remote Renew Adapter with Key Tool Plus?

Today, we’re gonna describe the information about smart key remote renew adapters by Xhorse, and then how to unlock Smart Remote key with Mini Key tool and Key Tool Plus, and ends with Xhorse Smart Keys Wiring Diagram.

Part 1. about smart key remote renew adapters by Xhorse

We’re gonna learn about the smart key remote renew adapters, these come in sets of 12  and there’s 2 sets out of 12 each and total there’s 24 adapters that you can buy.
So these are only for OEMs circuit board, aftermarket remote smart keys will not work, now it’s really easy to use as plug and play (No soldering necessary). Now we’re gonna go ahead and learn about the sets there’s 2 sets of 24. So let’s see what they support. Adapters 1-12 support BMW Nissan Chrysler Buick Volvo Honda Porsche Audi Land Rover Maserati and Honda.
Xhorse Renew Adapter 13-24 support Honda Nissan Chrysler Peugeot Buick Mazda, okay and these are all the adapters.

(Smart key / remote renew adapters by Xhorse is compatible with Key tool, key tool mini, key tool max and key tool plus).

Part 2. How to unlock Smart Remote key with Mini Key tool and Key Tool Plus
Now we have a smart key right here as you can see, there’s an FCC ID, it’s already locked, once you program into a vehicle, the chip locks into that vehicle.

In Xhorse APP, we go to Mini Key Tool  and select “special functions”, we’re gonna go to remote renewed mostly.

So we’re gonna go ahead and select Nissan cars, there’s a Nissan’s Mark and now every time you click on the key it shows you if there’s an available adapter for it, if there is you can use the adapter, if there isn’t an adapter for that key you’re going to have to use the cable and wires to renew that key okay, so you have to solder at some point.

So this is our key that we need, it’s a 4 button our FCC ID is the same.

So we have both options to renew key, and we’re gonna choose the adapter today. Because we have the adapter and we don’t need to use the wire.

So we just go ahead we’re gonna circuit board, go ahead and place it on the adapter, secure it.
Now for the guys that don’t have any adapters and they need to renew the key by soldering there’s a connection diagram, if available.
we’re gonna see where we need to solder on which wire we have a black red, yellow and brown.

So as soon as you have your circuit board your adapter, go ahead and press unlock and it should start unlocking the chip. You can see we successfully unlock the chip, the remote has been renewed.

Next, let’s go ahead and read the Nissan’s smart key by VVDI Key Tool Plus, just to make sure that we successfully unlocked (Tap “Transponder Clone” and then “Read Transponder” ). You see this is unlocked, we successfully unlocked it.

We’re gonna do another key for a dodge jeep Chrysler smart key. So we’re gonna read it’s going to show you that this is a used key.
Okay so you can see it says already locked. we have an adapter in a person locked, you guys can see it’s unlocking the smart key as we speak, okay, it says unlocked successful.

I’m gonna go ahead and read it. as you guys can see it is unlocked and we have successfully unlocked the smart key.

Part 3.  Xhorse Smart Keys Wiring Diagram
this website shows all the diagrams of all those smart keys we can unlock.
it shows a wire with four colors and then it shows us on the right hand side where each wire goes to a webpage of the chip, we see this out right here as you guys can see it shows a picture of the adapter, and it also shows us a picture of the diagram on the right hand side that means we can do it both ways.

It has a diagram of the soldering, and then it shows a picture of adapter.
So if you only have a picture of the diagram, and you don’t have a picture of the data that means that you can only solve.

there’s only original keys that you can renew, aftermarket will not work okay, you will not be able to renew aftermarket keys.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

Source of VVDI KEY TOOL XDKTR1EN Renew Adapter 13-24

And VVDI Key Tool Plus: