Passat B6 / CC key programmers reviews: FVDI 2018 / 2014, VVDI2

Looking for car key programmer for making keys on Passat B6 and CC . This article is available with some working ones reviews: FVDI 2018, FVDI 2014, Xhorse VVDI2 etc.


Part 1.

1.Fvdi 18 will do 2006 passat because I’ve done one with it… has other functions which are useful… downside is the drivers are a pain and some stuff doesnt work.. welcome to the clones

2.FVDI 2018 Key learning passat b6 2009
fvdi can decrypt pin and cs all 7 byte from ccm only
learning spare key with remote – ok

Key learning successfully

only from ccm dump

rest can do on obd

FVDI-2018-Key-learning-passat-b6-2009-01 FVDI-2018-Key-learning-passat-b6-2009-02 FVDI-2018-Key-learning-passat-b6-2009-03


3.Also Fvdi 2014 done make key passat b6 2008 by tag key from comfort dumb
But passat b6 +2008 and cc with med17/edc17 need old key to read cs and pin or read ecu by other tool and extract pin and cs.


VAG FVDI 2014 = VAG AVDI 2013 = same functions
made all cars before MQB


4.More below:

Brand/Model of car : passat b6 1.9tdi
– YeAR of car :2008
– Feature in relation :Prepare dealer key by obd and find 7th byte from working key and matched to car
– Version of FVDI 2014 v21
– Result :Ok


– Brand/Model of car : passat
– Year of car : 2002
– Feature in relation : pin
– Version of FVDI : v18
– Result : OK



FVDI does not have a problem with B6. Only the user does what he does not understand.


Part 1: Xhrorse VVDI2 Passat B6/CC key programming user manual & review:


4th immobilizer system

VW Passat B6/B7/CC Key Learn



You can read PIN and 6 bytes CS from ECU via OBD, no comfort module dump

46 Transponder:

Lost all key is same as add key with working key. Place 7th byte CS to “FF”


48 Transponder:

Add key: you need find 7th byte CS from working key, you can follow steps: 1->2->3->4

Lost all key: this type need use try start method to find working key. Try times belong to 0-255. First try need start from 0, if failed in the procedure, record the failed times. Next time, try start with last failed times.


Cannot read 6 bytes CS from ECU. Here you need comfort module dump (95320) support. After load comfort module dump you will get window

It has 3 methods to decrypt comfort module dump:

u Decrypt 7 bytes CS from dump file (usually we select this method)

u Get CS from ECU EEPROM dump

u Have 6 bytes CS


Decrypt success :

You will get the 7 bytes CS and PIN after decrypt success. So make dealer key is very easy. No matter 48 or 46, no matter lost all key or add key, they are all same.


Decrypt failure:This type rarely happen

Add Key

Lost All key: this type need use try start method to find working key. Try times belong to 0-255. First try need start from 0, if failed in the procedure, record the failed times. Next time, try start with last failed times. Number 6 (Unlock 46 key) only unlock the temp key under try start method under decrypt failure method


5th immobilizer system

VW Passat B6/CC – CAN (Support OBD lost all key)

VW Passat B6/CC with EDC17/MED17 – CAN (Support OBD lost all key)


Passat/CC 46 Transponder learned key failure, verify “Dealer Key”. If you get “NO” mean ignition key is not dealer key. You need prepare dealer key first. Don’t worry about “Locked Key” value, dealer key can be learned without test this item. Please check other failure reason

Passat/CC lost all key, don’t know transponder type, Prepare a 48 transponder and a 46 transponder, insert to ignition switch one by one, verify “Transponder type OK”. If you get “YES” mean the immobilizer system use this type transponder


K-Line Instrument/Immobox

Instrument Cluster – Magneti Mareli – Shadow 2 (Passat)


Adapt Unit

Passat B6 /CC Comfort module


– You can load EEPROM dump (95320) for 2nd hand comfort module, or type in known PIN/CS manually

– Press button “Read” . It requires input power class for 2nd hand module。

Attention: the working key in 2nd hand comfort module will stop work after success reading, it can start work after write with correct 7 bytes CS. This usually happen for adapt original comfort module in car, because the comfort module have working key

– Input new Immo No, VIN, power, total 7 bytes CS, PIN, press button “Write”

– Note: Comfort module power class can change via adapt unit


Instrument EEPROM: Decrypt for PIN, KM, and set new KM


Passat B6 Comfort module component protection data [95320]

Steering lock VW Passat 6 Security code [68HC908]

Passat VDO 1991 mileage [93C56]

Passat VD202 1993 mileage [93C46]

Passat GT mileage [93C46]

Passat GT mileage [93C56]