OBDSTAR DC706 Clone Bosch ME17 ECM on Bench

It has been tested and confirmed by OBDSTAR Tech that OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool can read and write EEPROM and Flash to Bosch ME17 ECM on bench no issues. OBDSTAR P003 Kit is required to work together.

Here is the operation:

Keep DC706 charging and communicating during the process, and make sure the internet connection is normal.

1.Update the ECM software to V30.23 (newest version)

2.After upgrade, select ECU Flasher>> All>> ECM>> ECM V30.23

3.Select ECU Brand>> BOSCH

Input me17 in the search box to quickly find out the ECM model- BAIC BOSCH ME17 BLACK TC1728 (BENCH+ P003)

4.Tap “Pinout” to check the wiring diagram, and follow it to connect OBDSTAR DC706 tablet, P003 Adapter, ECU bench cables, and ECM correctly

5.After connecting, select TYPE>> ME17>> GAC BOSCH ME17 TC1728 (BENCH+ P003)

6.Click “Connect” to connect OBDSTAR P003 Adapter, ECU…

Connection is successful.

7.Read INT EEPROM and INT Flash separately, save the original data after reading

8.Select the corresponding INT EEPROM/ Flash file to write into new Bosch ME17 ECM in sequence

Both write successfully

9.Finally, click “Disconnect” to quit the OBDSTAR DC706 system.


OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool Full Version:


OBDSTAR P003 KIT Bench/Boot Adapter: