How to Import / Export Data Files from OBDSTAR P50 / DC706 to PC?

Both OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool and DC706 ECU Tool can read and backup ECU data. All data will be stored in the Data Management of the device. If you need the data file on your computer, use a USB flash drive to help you import or export files to a PC.

Here is the instruction:

Insert the USB drive into the corresponding USB port on the top side of P50 and DC706 tablet

Turn on the OBDSTAR tablet

Go to Home menu, press DP icon

Tap Data Management>> My Data>> Local Data

Find the data file you desire, and long press the file name and the file will be ticked

If you want to copy multiple files at a time, click the boxes at the front of the documents.

Click “Copy” at the bottom

After copying, go to USB Disk, tap “Paste” at the bottom

When it shows the paste is successful, wait about 10 seconds, then you can remove the USB flash drive.

Alright! The data file importing/exporting process from OBDSTAR DC706/P50 Airbag Reset Tool is completed, and you can insert the USB into a computer to use.