OBDSTAR DC706 Clone Volvo MPS6 TCM on Bench

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU tool clone Volvo MPS6 TCM on Bench Tutorials:

Connect Power with OBDSTAR DC706 Tablet, Click ECU Flasher – TCM – TCM V30.00(Lastest version)

Search MPS6 to find Volvo GETRAG MPS6 TC1766(BENCH)

Check the Connection Guide and Pinout.

Connection and turn on P004 adapter

Star to do Clone Volvo MPS6 TCM

Click Connect,This Function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the Internet connection is normal. Turn on the ignition.

Connection successfully.

Then star to read INT eeprom / EXT eeprom/ INT flash and save the file.

After reading, then Write INT eeprom, EXT eeprom and INT flash.

Writing Sucessfully, Click Disconnect, Switch ignition off, Disconnected ECU.

Video Guide: