MPPS Read Write Audi A6 ME7.5 / 7.1 ECU with GODIAG GT100 engineer share a new method to use MPPS V18 to individually connect to a single Audi A6 ME7.5 ECU to read data, that is to connect to a Godiag GT100 OBD2 ECU breakout box, its K-line indicator will flash if MPPS V18 has a good communicating with the ECU.

Firstly, prepare these tools:

Godiag GT100 OBD2 breakout box


Audi A6 ME7.5 ECU box

The Oscilloscope

One computer running win7 64 bit system

Look at Audi A6 ME7.5 ECU.


Connect to an oscilloscope and its data will run high and low when reading data.


Connect Godiag GT100 to the ME7.5 ECU and you will see the K-line indicator is flashing.

mpps-gt100-read-write-audi-a6-me7-5-7-1-ecu-03 mpps-gt100-read-write-audi-a6-me7-5-7-1-ecu-04

Connect Godiag GT100 to MPPS V18.


The indicators of Godiag GT100 is reading flashing.


Use the banana plug to connect the cable and then the Oscilloscope. You are free to connect the cable to any device as you need.


Finally, reading data completely, the oscilloscope data high and low disappear.


3 more images on how to read ME7.1 ECU data with MPPS V18 & Godiag GT100:

mpps-gt100-read-write-audi-a6-me7-5-7-1-ecu-09 mpps-gt100-read-write-audi-a6-me7-5-7-1-ecu-10 mpps-gt100-read-write-audi-a6-me7-5-7-1-ecu-11