Autel Ultra and Godiag GT100 on bench test Ford Expedition ECU perfectly

After connecting the Autel MaxiFlash VCMI (packed with Autel maxisys ultra) to the OBD2 port of Godiag GT100, select the car model and function to be performed. Then I can see on GT100 the protocol indicator light will turn on or flash (because Autel maxisys ultra will send out the communication signal), if the indicator won’t turn on, it indicates that the diagnostic & programming tool has a incorrect connection or the machine is damaged.

Yesterday, I tested this car model and ECU:  

2005 Ford Expedition Limited 5.4L, V8, VIN5, 24v, SOHC, Triton, USA/Canada.

Look at the image of ECU box removed from the car.


And I have Autel maxisys ultra (at the left upper corner of the following image)


I will connect one extra Godiag GT100 ECU bench connector from


What I will do next is to connect well the machines and adapters:

This is the OBD 2-in-1 extension cable (in Godiag GT100 package)


One end to be connected with GT100 and another end with Autel MaxiFlash VCMI.


Let’s start to test if Godiag GT100 will display the voltage and if the CAN Blue indicator will turn on:

  1. Press the “Power” buttonof Godiag GT100, then “12V (30)” & “12V (45)”, perfectly, I cansee the voltage is 12.7V displayed on the machine. It’s great.


  1. Nextis to verify if the CAN Blue indicator will turn on

I will browse the site where I recently purchased vehicle, searching for PCM, then “Wiring diagram of Electronic Engine Controls -5.4L(25-1)”.


In the power distribution diagram I can see what pins go to.

autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-08 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-09

I use a magnifier so that I can clearly see the connectors have numbers of the pins at the end.


When something is connected incorrectly, no CAN Blue lights will turn on.


Then I noticed I was missing a ground.

And still no CAN Blue lights

autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-12 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-13 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-14

Then I go through the entire diagram just in case I missed something.

Oh right, don’t forget to connect everything before you continue.

Power sourcing is shorting somewhere, then to connect different power source.

autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-15 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-16 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-17 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-18 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-19

Okay, time to back to Autel maxisys ultra, select “Diagnostics” > “EOBD” > “VIN Auto detect”, however I noticed there was still no CAN blue lights turn on (Godiag GT100), during this time I double checked my connectors and realized I need to connect it to the middle connector. And we finally have some communication.

And Autel maxisys ultra decode VIN successfully and read out vehicle information.

autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-20 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-21 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-22

I would search for the CKP sensor.

It’s wonderful to have multitasking.

autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-23 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-24

The primary issue was on vehicle the ckp sensor was sensing voltage to both the feed & the return.

With this Bench test I can rule out the issue being the ECU.

autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-25 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-26 autel-maxisys-ultra-godiag-gt100-ecu-bench-connector-ford-expedition-27

So, it’s perfectly! I will test more diagnostic & programming tool by using Godiag GT100 ECU Bench Connector.

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