How to Program Audi A6 2008 AKL with Xhorse VVDI2?

Car model and year: Audi A6 2008 AKL

Audi key programmer to use: Xhorse VVDI2


I read the 6 cs and pin from the ECU by OBD and prepared dealer key on the 8E chip with VVDI2 successfully.
but when I tried to program the key the ignition failed to be turned to finish the procedure.

How to solve?

Unless you have all the 7bytes, or J518 dump.
Did you use the A6 Q7 menu, or just created dealer key with 00 on byte 7?
If not
Then follow the steps of the vid:

Some people hold different opinions:

There is no 7 bytes on this car , A6 C6 has 12 bytes in EVL or 6 bytes in ECU.

If you are able to make Dealer key then you have older pre 2009 EVL.
You do not need to turn ignition, Just do Key learn and cluster will light up if All good. If cluster not light up then Possible you have EVL problem. Go to diagnostic and clear all codes first before you learn key .

But most likely you made mistake was that when you start the learning you forgot to switch lights on and press the brake. that should be the reason. try again with those steps.

Hope it helps!

Credits to @ Manta1600 @ immoneard @ rob h (DK Veteran)

Xhorse VVDI2 tech support: